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Drex Pair.jpg

This is our light and crisp Sour Weisse beer. 100% lactobacillus pitch followed by an American ale yeast fermentation produces a 3.2pH, 3.2% ABV, 10 IBU beer.

Kuebiko Pair.jpg

A soured ale with strawberries, lemons, and limes. Strawberry nose, sour bite, floral finish. 100% of the proceeds from this beer were donated to help those involved with the Orlando Pulse shooting.

Mother Ursa Pair.jpg

A take on an Oud Bruin. Chocolate malts, midnight wheat, Canadian pale, lactobacillus, American ale yeast, and a complicated double mashing procedure all come together to make a clean sour brown. 3.5pH, 5.2% ABV, 23 IBU.

An absinthe inspired sour ale. All of the ingredients of absinthe portioned for a nice hyssop herbal front end, mild wormwood bitterness, and mild smooth star anise licorice flavor.

Ingredients: water, malted barley, spelt, hops, wormwood, hyssop, lemon peel, coriander, angelica root, wheat grass (for color), fennel seeds, and star anise.

A gose brewed with watermelons, basil, sea salt (from Maldon, England), and a special bitterless black malt. Don't knock a salty melon til you've tried it.

(Currently) retired brews

Blood Thirst

A special berlinerweisse brewed with black cherries and (a food safe amount of) iron to satiate your occasional blood thirst.

Hato Minka

A farmhouse ale blended with beautiful Houjicha green tea provided by our lovely friends at Do You Tea?



This is a sour cherry & pomegranate beer coming in at 5.2% ABV. 


Parthenocarpic is a sour beer with live cultures of Pediococcus P, Lactobacillus A, and Saccharomyces Cere. It is 5.4% ABV, 3.2pH, 16mg/l TA. The golden color and super clean lactic profile were specifically designed to highlight the citrusy character of wild tangerines.


Passion for Blood

Our Berliner inoculated with blood oranges and passionfruit. Blood oranges add citric acid complexity to the already present lactic acid and passionfruit adds aroma and sweetness. 3.2pH, 3.2% ABV, 10 IBU. Estimated release date TBA.


Souther Crux

A Berliner inoculated with guava and mangos. Our take on a raspberry syrup Berliner. A considerable guava inoculation builds a Berliner with complex sour notes, while mango adds a noteworthy sweetness. 3.2pH, 3.2% ABV, 10 IBU. Estimated release date TBA.

From the Bottling line

These beers are living entities - we're still waiting on most of them to age out to get a feeling of what they're going to blend down to. The names for these beers are going to be just as organically produced as they are. For now just trust that we're whispering words of encouragement to them nightly and working hard to send out the first rounds of delicious large format sours.

1st Release: Dreamcatcher - February 22, 2017 - SOLD OUT
2nd Release: Parthenocarpic - August 9, 2017 - SOLD OUT